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Birdsong is an environmental songstress who is passionate about about Nature, music and inspiring kids to be students and stewards of the Earth.  Read more...


"Birdsong has a wonderful con­nection with children! She adds quality and joy to each and every topic."
– Mirna F, Montessori Teacher

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Sing “Migration” as we meet the baby gray whales in San Ignacio Lagoon!

Dear Friends,

      Great news!  My whale watch captain friends tell me that there have been sightings of more than 800 calves of Eastern Gray Whales (aka the California Gray Whales) this season. This means the population of this once-critically endangered animal continues to grow strong!  Celebrate Gray Whale migration season with me by immersing yourself in this fun and moving music video about our gray whale encounters in Baja, Mexico as well as by watching the  videos listed below. 
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Learn more about the animal that inspired “Migration”, my kids song about the California Gray Whale

Hello whale-loving friends!

It’s that time of year again, when the California Gray Whales are migrating to their calving and breeding lagoons in Baja, Mexico. They began their more than 6,000 mile journey from Alaska last October, and many of the whales have already arrived in Mexico. Here in Laguna Beach, California, we are fortunate to often see the gray whales off our coast, spouting and sometimes breaching as they make their long migration south. It is perhaps the longest migration of any mammal alive; and it’s this migration that inspired my kids’ song by what other name but… “Migration”!       “Migration” (from our CD IF I WERE A FISH) also includes interesting facts about the behavior of the mother gray whales and their calves. It’s a catchy song and a favorite of our fans to sing 🙂

Since I’m not able to include everything there is to know about the gray whales in a song, I’d like to share with you a great article about the grays in “The Kids’ Times”, by my friends at NOAA. Check it out below to learn more about this amazing animal.

Sending a whale of a hug to you,

Click on image to read the entire article

Click on image to read the entire article

Watch “KEEP THE OCEAN CLEAN” – our kids’ music video about protecting the ocean and its animals!


Listen to what the dolphins, whales, sharks, sea turtles, octopus and other ocean creatures have to say about how we can keep the ocean clean!

Love ocean creatures? Watch more of our ocean animal music videos about dolphins, octopus, gray whales, blue whales, pinnipeds, and orcas.

Watch our PINNIPED PARADE music video and learn about seals, sea lions and walruses.

 Hello my ocean-loving friends!

 “Come to the Pinniped Parade with me! There’ll be beautiful fin-footed friends to see!”  Learn about pinnipeds (seals, sea lions and walruses), their characteristics, behaviors and sounds in our fun, educational, sing-a-long video for kids, PINNIPED PARADE”.  This animal song video has real pinniped sounds, photos from NOAA and my song of the same name. I invite you to sing, bark, burp, growl and march along with us!  

“PINNIPED PARADE” is one of the songs on our CD IF I WERE A FISH and Other Ocean Songs for Kids and is one of my favorite animal songs  to dance to. ENJOY!

With lots of noisy ocean animal sounds,


Watch “HERE WE GO” – our sea turtle song video for kids of all ages!

Hello friends!

Here we go, go, go! Wish us luck, luck, luck!” sing the newly-hatched sea turtles in this fun and educational sing-a-long video for kids of all ages. Watch it and you will learn about the amazing life of baby sea turtles, the kinds of food they like to eat and how they find their way to the ocean in the middle of the night. This video features my song “HERE WE GO” with beautiful photos of sea turtles as well as the song lyrics so that you can read and sing along with me.  Also, if you watch carefully, you will see me and Dr. Marcie singing “HERE WE GO” live with children in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye in Belize and in Orange County, California.

“HERE WE GO” is a favorite of our fans and is on our CD IF I WERE A FISH and other Ocean Songs for Kids. (A download of this song is my gift to you when join our email list!)

Here we go!


Read “The Kids’ Times” by NOAA and learn more about the blue whale!

Read “The Kids’ Times: Blue Whale”  by NOAA.


Like the blue whale as much as we do? Watch our music video,
“SO BIG! BLUE WHALE!”, and sing your heart out with us 🙂

Watch Humpback Whale thank its rescuers!

Learn more about humpback whales in our kids song, “Humpback Whale Song”, from our CD IF I WERE A FISH and Other Ocean Songs for Kids.

Learn about echolocation in “CLICKETY-CLACK”, our animal song video about dolphins.

Hello to all my dolphin-loving fans! 

I first posted this animal song video in 2009, and it has so far been the most-watched music video on our Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders YouTube channel. This song video for kids has photos of dolphins (thanks to NOAA), the song “Clickety-Clack” from our CD IF I WERE A FISH and Other Ocean Songs for Kidsand the lyrics to the song so that you can sing along with me. 

I got my idea for this song “Clickety-Clack” when I learned that dolphins make clicking and clacking sounds to communicate with each other and to find objects in the ocean. This is how it works: They make a sound and the sound quickly travels through the water. When the sound hits an object in the sea, the sound then bounces back to the dolphin and makes a picture of the object in the dolphin’s mind. This is called “echolocation.”  The echoing sound and the picture it creates helps dolphins find food, other dolphins to play with, and boats and objects in the sea. As I learned about this, I kept hearing the words “clickety-clack” in my head, and before I knew it i was creating this song. 
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Watch our animal song video, “SO BIG! BLUE WHALE”- a tribute to the largest animal on the planet.


Dear Friends,
     I’m so excited to share my animal song video about the world’s BIGGEST animal, the blue whale.  “SO BIG! BLUE WHALE!” includes footage from my very fortunate sightings of blue whales off the coast of Southern California, U.S. This video also contains  concert highlights and song lyrics so that you can read or sing along. Help me pay musical tribute to the largest animal on the planet by watching and singing along to “So Big! Blue Whale!” from our with love CD IF I WERE A FISH and Other Ocean Songs for Kids”. This song is one of a growing collection of whale songs and other animal songs for kids by Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders. Enjoy!

With love,


Watch our kids song video about very clever invertebrate – “OXFORD THE OCTOPUS”