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Birdsong’s Blog

Watch a Spider construct its Web… and stay tuned for a new Spider Song by Birdsong!)

Dear Friends and Arachnid Scientists,

For the past two years, I have been taking photos and videos of spiders and their webs, every chance I get in any place a can, e.g. in my backyard, on hikes, in parks, in the backyards of friends and in the yards of strangers. I have been learning a lot about spiders along the way and, as I have a habit of doing, writing a new song about them. I’m getting excited as a prepare my spider song video to share with you in time for Halloween; until then, I’m excited to show you this beautiful video I found while doing my research on spiders.

It’s called “Spider Web Construction in Slow Motion” by Michael Bukay”. I felt a very big “Wow!” in my mind and respectful awe in my heart as I watched. Thank you, Michael, for making such an amazing video and for bringing us close into the world of orb-weaving spiders. 

Stay tuned for my very own spider video and song!  Here’s a sneak preview of some of the song lyrics:

“I’m a carnivorous arachnid
who is perfectly adapted
to survive in any place
where I can catch bugs while I hang in space.

I have claws that grip the silk
that I efficiently produce
connecting fibers one strand at a time 
to make this web of mine”

©Cheryl Procaccini aka Birdsong

Forever weaving a song web of connection between all you,
me and all creatures,