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Gorillas and Primates

Gorilla Twins are born in Central Africa! Celebrate the news with our kids’ song, “Bella the Gorilla”.

Hello Fellow Primates!

Read the good news about baby gorilla twins born in the Dzanga-Sangha conservation area of the Central African Republic, courtesy of World Wildlife Foundation and The Dodo. Celebrate this wonderful event with us by singing our animal song, “Bella the Gorilla”.

With a heartfelt congratulations to their mother (Malui) and father (Makumba),


Watch one of the gorilla videos that inspired my kids song, “BELLA THE GORILLA”.

Hello Fans and Primate Lovers!

This is one of the several gorilla videos I watched  while I was composing my animal song, “Bella the Gorilla”. Since I had never met a gorilla in the wild, I felt it was important to understand as much as possible about these remarkable primates to help me write an educational song about them. This video by BBC portrays the family life of gorillas and made their lives more real for me. My song “Bella the Gorilla” can be heard on our CD “EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED and Other Animal Songs for Kids”. Watching this video and listening to this song today made me want to move like a gorilla!

With appreciation to all who work so hard to study and protect the Mountain and Congo Gorilla of Africa,




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