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Birdsong is an environmental songstress who is passionate about about Nature, music and inspiring kids to be students and stewards of the Earth.  Read more...


"Birdsong has a wonderful con­nection with children! She adds quality and joy to each and every topic."
– Mirna F, Montessori Teacher

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Dr. Marcie meets a blue whale and sings our kids song “So Big! Blue Whale!”

Blue Whale

Dear Cetacean-Loving Friends,

It’s happened again! Another member of Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders encountered a blue whale off the coasts of Dana Point and Laguna Beach in southern California. This time it was Dr. Marcie and she took a great video of this whale’s dive, fluke and all. If you look closely, you will see some white scarring on the whale’s tail. This is possibly a scar from a cut by a fishing line that got wrapped around this whale’s tail. Fortunately, this huge, beautiful whale survived that injury and now whale researchers and captains use that scar to identify this whale. Some have even nicknamed the whale “Scar”. Check out this video, my friends! 
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Watch our animal song video, “SO BIG! BLUE WHALE”- a tribute to the largest animal on the planet.


Dear Friends,
     I’m so excited to share my animal song video about the world’s BIGGEST animal, the blue whale.  “SO BIG! BLUE WHALE!” includes footage from my very fortunate sightings of blue whales off the coast of Southern California, U.S. This video also contains  concert highlights and song lyrics so that you can read or sing along. Help me pay musical tribute to the largest animal on the planet by watching and singing along to “So Big! Blue Whale!” from our with love CD IF I WERE A FISH and Other Ocean Songs for Kids”. 

With love,