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Birdsong’s Blog

Watch our Butterfly Song Video for Kids, “I ALMOST KISSED A BUTTERFLY”


Dear Friends,

I was walking down a trail one day and, before I knew it, I was writing the song, “I ALMOST KISSED A BUTTERFLY”. This song is one of my favorites and is featured in this animal song video by the same name. This video mixes our live performance with the soundtrack from our CD “Everything is Connected and Other Animal Songs for Kids”.  It also includes the song lyrics so that you can sing along with us; and it ends with some fun questions about butterflies and caterpillars.

This song is based on a true story of my encounter with a butterfly while hiking at Crystal Cove State Park in southern California, USA. You can hear the story of this encounter  and the original rough recording of “I ALMOST KISSED A BUTTERFLY” on a previous blog post. I love singing this song and find it to be a wonderful way to celebrate these very interesting insects. Look for caterpillars and butterflies the next time you are outside! If you see a butterfly, please blow it a kiss for me.

– Birdsong