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“There is something very fishy about this album and it’s fishy in a fun, musical and edutaining way – a valuable asset for the teacher’s tool box.”
— John Wood,

“These songs strike just the right balance between education and entertainment. Thanks for your inspiration, Birdsong!”
— Ben Tigner, Ph.D. (father)

“These songs are great for kids! They offer something for every learning modality. My students listened intently to the words and spontaneously moved to the music. Everyone was engaged. Birdsong seemed to touch their hearts and stimulate their minds”
— Barbara Hoag, elementary school educator

“I love all of Birdsong’s songs. They are very thoughtful and give kids knowledge about all the animals that live in the oceans.
— Alex, age 9

“My kids absolutely love this CD. We cannot leave house without making sure it’s in the car. The songs are totally addictive…I actually find myself quietly singing them at work!”
— Boris Piskun (father)

If I Were a Fish
(and other ocean songs for kids)

by Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders®

Dive into the ocean world with IF I WERE A FISH, a CD collection of 13 educational and rhythm-packed songs about marine animals and their “beautiful world under the sea.” From the memorable chorus of Oxford the Octopus to the energetic tribute to the world’s largest animal in So Big! Blue Whale!, these catchy eco-tunes will leave children singing, dancing and learning right to the last note.

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Click, squeal, and learn about dolphin echo-location.

Learn ocean protection and stewardship.

Move and groove with the endangered sea otter.

Explore the wonders of tide pools and other habitats.

Migrate with the gray whales from Alaska to Mexico.

Parade with the pinnipeds (sea lions, seals, walruses).

Discover how newly-hatched sea turtles adapt.

Dance and grow like a kelp forest.

Imagine the life of a fish in a coral reef ecosystem.

Find out the truth about the fascinating sharks.

Hear the incredible songs of the humpback whales.

Sing about the clever octopus and their adaptations.

Learn just how big a blue whale really is.

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If A Were a Fish is filled with opportunities for whole brain learning and is a must-have teaching tool for parents, educators and environmentalists everywhere. Immerse your child in the ocean world with Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders®.

“I love all of Birdsong’s songs. They are very thoughtful and give kids knowledge about all the animals that live in the oceans.”

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Our CD is packaged with plastic-free, eco-friendly materials!

Thank you to Devlyn Hunter and Cody Chancellor for creating the images on our CD cover.

Produced with James Coffey, Blue Vision Music
Published by Little Ones Music
All Rights Reserved by Little Ones Music (ASCAP)