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From Educators

“Birdsong has a wonderful connection with children! At every visit, I would hear the their excitement, hoping she would play their favorite song. She explains the information in basic and simple terms, which helps the boys and girls grasp the main concept. I must admit, I myself, look forward to Birdsong’s visits! She adds quality and joy to each and every topic.”
– Mirna Faysal, Montessori Lead Teacher (ages 2.5 – 6)

Children in Egypt are singing songs by Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders!
“I wanted to write to you for some time now as I have come across your videos and I love them so much. I live in Egypt on the Red Sea and run a number of projects here mostly around the youth and the environment. Have done a number of workshops on educating the youth on turtles, dolphins, and the dangers to both our land and sea…We always end a lecture with playing either the turtle or dolphin song and, of course, sing and dance along with it. The fun we have is awesome – so thank you for creating these wonderful and educational videos…your creative energy brings so much joy !!!”
– Suzanna Valle Sobhi (KQB Keep Quseir Beautiful )

“These songs are great for kids! They offer something for every learning modality. My students listened intently to the words and spontaneously moved to the music. Everyone was engaged. Birdsong seemed to touch their hearts and stimulate their minds.”
– Barbara Hoag, elementary school educator

“The songs present opportunities for curriculum related extensions in science and geography.”
– Peggy Loormann Lynch, Elementary School Teacher

california-state-parks-logo“These songs are a creative and effective way to teach children about our valuable and often vulnerable marine life as well as to encourage them to be stewards of the ocean.

Birdsong clearly has a talent for songwriting, but more importantly has a knack for helping children to understand some complex biological functions and ecological issues in an energizing way.  She is passionate about her work and a joy to be around.”
– Winter Bonnin, State Park Interpreter I, Crystal Cove State Park

“It is with great pleasure that I would like to recommend Birdsong and Eco-Wonders musical program for your school or organization.

The eco-concert at Journey School was a fun-filled learning experience infused with songs that captured the imaginations of students and teachers alike. They sang about ocean animals, eco-systems and the interconnectedness of all that lives the sea.

It was a joy to see students from all grade levels engaged and excited about environmental education. Birdsong and Eco-Wonders lyrics support curriculums related to science and geography as well as inspire whole-brain learning.

I highly recommend Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders’ musical program. I hope you will experience the same unforgettable magic and valuable education we experienced at Journey School.”
– Mr. Michael Martin, Principal, Aliso Viejo, CA

“Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders is 100%, healthy fun!!!! As a teacher, I fully appreciate how each song thoroughly packs a punch – they deliver a fun method to learning about important issues, animals and eco systems that need people’s help, or simply, to be left to their natural ways. Kids have a natural instinct to protect and love their planet, and this music helps to solidify that love and offers ways they can get involved. Too often children feel overlooked and unimportant, but this music reminds them that they have a powerful role in keeping our planet healthy – it is made from the heart, especially for them – what a gift!!! “Everything is Connected” is an incredible reminder to all that no matter how small (like a pocket mouse or wiggly worm), delicate (like a butterfly or blossoming flower) or fierce (like a gorilla or wolf), we are all connected to our amazing earth and by learning, caring and working together, we can absolutely make a difference!!”
– Heather Kurtz, mom, teacher and Birdsong fan

From Parents

Your impact on one kid one day in Maui
“A dear friend gave us your CD a couple of years ago. We all love it and play it all the time. So of course it was part of our Hawaii playlist. My 7 year old and I were snorkeling in Maui when suddenly he dove down and surfaced with a plastic cup, several more dives retrieved other bits of trash which we carried to shore and deposited in a trash can. I was so proud that he did this on his own initiative, but it was you who gave him the idea. He said to me, “I have the song ‘Keep the Ocean Clean’ in my head. I guess that’s why I thought to pick up that trash. We wouldn’t want a hungry sea turtle to eat it.” Thank you for creating something so beautiful to hear and learn.”
– mahalo, Christie

“My daughter, Shelby, is 4 years old and she loves your CD. She listens to it over and over. One of her favorite songs is “Keep the Ocean Clean.” Today when her Daddy mentioned to her it was Earth Day she decided on her own that we should go to the beach and pick up trash. So the whole family went down to the beach and spent over an hour picking up a bag full of plastic bags, bottles, straws, candy wrappers etc. I just wanted you to know that thanks to your music and what it has taught my daughter that today she was able to make a difference. Now all those plastic bags and other trash we picked up will not go into the ocean. Thank you for all you do to teach the kids that they can make a difference! Our best to you.”
– Shelby’s Mom

“My kids absolutely love this CD. We cannot leave house without making sure it’s in the car. The songs are totally addictive…I actually find myself quietly singing them at work!”
– Boris Piskun (father)

“We bought your CD at the Earth Day celebration and have been listening to it ever since. Grace and Natalie love it – especially Grace (5.5 years old) who wants to be the lead singer for each song… Thanks again for making such a beautiful album! It strikes a beautiful balance between sound science, conservation, and wonderment.We look forward to seeing you perform again soon.”
– with love, Sarah Roby

“These songs are great! They strike just the right balance between entertainment and education. Our five-year-old runs around talking about ecosystems, habitats, and adaptation. Initially, these were just nonsense words she repeated because she liked singing the songs. But then she got curious about what the words meant, started listening to their context in the songs, and began asking more questions. Now she really gets it! Thanks for your inspiration, Birdsong!”
– Ben T., father

“Our 4-year old loves these songs – she starts off liking the songs because the melodies are memorable and fun for dancing and singing, but as she absorbs the meanings of the words, she ends up with deeper understanding and curiosity about nature. The lyrics are engaging starting points for conversations with our child about animals and ecosystems. Each song has individual appeal, but collectively combine to create a picture of the remarkable diversity of nature.”
– Sabrina Y., mother

“I wanted to let you know Ella (age 6) LOVES the CD!!! She listens to it all the time. She’s now claiming to be an expert on whales and tide pools.”
– Michelle S. (Ella’s mom)

“My boys absolutely LOVE, LOVE your CD!!! They play it almost every day, and know all the words. Thank you so much for creating such a fun, educational, and harmonious piece of work!”
– Angela Williams Melting Pot Moms

“Thank you for the concert in San Juan Capistrano. It was magical to hear you live. I had to work hard to not burst into tears I was was so moved by your performance. You deliver such a powerful and important message so beautifully. Thank you. Our family loves loves your music!
– Patina Edwards, mother

“My son [Joseph] is a birthday party fanatic. The most wonderful part [of his party] was having the incredible Birdsong come to Joseph’s party and sing her fun, educational songs for the children. Her lyrics and gorgeous imagery flashed on the TV while she sang, and the children were so taken with her, they jumped right up and danced and played and shook maracas, and pretended they were octopuses, dolphins and sharks. Moms and Dads commented to me that they were learning just as much as the kids… The next day, Joseph asked if she could come and do the party all over again.” Read more…
– Rebecca Lacko, Motherhood, Marriage and Other Wild Rides

“As a mother, I LOVE that the songs provide a way to play with my daughter that is pure goodness. In an age of manufactured, disconnected and individualized fun, Birdsong’s music provides a refreshing retreat – it enraptures one to rise to their feet, dance sing and giggle with others, and once you learn the playful, and easy to memorize songs, you can take this good time with you wherever you go. My daughter and I listen in the car, enjoy at home and often sing from memory as we frolic about in the park, doing errands or resting on the beach.”
– Heather Kurtz, mom, teacher and Birdsong fan

From Grandparents

“Every time my girls get into my car, they ask to listen to the “Fish songs.” They now know all the words by heart (and even drown out Birdsong when they sing). I love that they have learned so much from these songs. We all look forward to the full-length CD.”
– Marta R., grandmother

From Kids

“Dear Birdsong,
I really like the sea, and many sea creatures are endangered. That’s why I like Here We Go. It is my very favorite song. To clean the ocean is very important for me because I really love sea creatures. My favorite thing I learned from your song is to clean the sea. I have a doll it is a sea turtle. It is my very very very very very very favorite. Here We Go is the first song that I’ve listened to and now I…know it by heart!!”
– Taka age: 7 (Taka is in 2nd grade, and he is from Japan, but has been to American schools since kindergarten.)

“Dear Miss birdsong,
I like your songs because it’s fun and has facts. I really like sea-life. And I also learned that the ocean is home to so may creatures. I also learned that fifty people can stand on a blue whale’s tongue.”
– June Seong (June-Seong is in 2nd grade and he is from Korea.)

“Birdsong’s songs are wonderful. They’re about pollution and the living things in the ocean, but mostly what I like about them is the creativity and the wonderful music.”
– Zachary, age 7

“I love all of Birdsong’s songs. They are very thoughtful and give kids knowledge about all the animals that live in the oceans.”
– Alex, age 9