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Dance to “WORM POOP SONG” – An Animal Song Video about worms and how they help plants grow

Dear Friends:
While the worms are hard at work in the ground, I have been singing “Worm Poop Song” to children, teachers, parents and grandparents wherever we go. This kids music video is a live performance of Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders singing “Worm Poop Song”. We asked some children in the audience to volunteer their dads to help us sing and dance to this song. In this video you will see the four volunteered dads wiggling like worms and singing along to the “worm poop” chorus. If worms could laugh I think they would find our tribute to them quite comical! The audience seemed delighted to watch these terrific dads dance, sing along, wiggle like a worm and sing “poop”. It took everyone just a few seconds to realize that it’s okay to say “poop”…and then off goes the whole audience singing with gusto: “POOP! POOP!” And how can we not sing it? Worm poop, also known as worm castings, is very important to our gardens and to the health of our plants and ecosystems.  (more…)