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Plants and Habitats

6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring with Birdsong!

It’s Spring and the Earth feels so fresh and new.
The flowers have gone wild, whales are migrating back to
their summer feeding grounds and baby animals are everywhere.

It time to celebrate!
Here are 6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring
with Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders:


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Birdsong discovers The Amazing World of Plankton

Dear Ocean-Loving Friends,

When I am out at sea observing marine animals, I often wonder what’s going on in the ocean that I can’t see. Imagine my delight as I began to learn about plankton, the countless tiny living things that are floating and drifting in the world’s oceans and other bodies of water. These tiny organisms, most of which are too small to be seen without a powerful microscope, include plants (phytoplankton) and animals (zooplankton). Plankton are the foundation of the food chain that supports fish and other sea creatures—and the people who eat them. Phytoplankton also provides us with over 50% of the oxygen we breathe.
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Watch a dolphin stampede and sing our dolphin song!

Hello Dolphin-Loving Friends.

Whale watchers aboard a catamaran with Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari in Dana Point experienced a thrilling event when hundreds of common dolphins began “porpoising” at high speed out of the water. Dolphin Safari writes: “Often referred to as a dolphin stampede, this breathtaking behavior can happen at any time and without any apparent cause. Porpoising is the fastest mode of travel for dolphins because there is less resistance in air than water.” (Porpoising can be defined as moving forward with a rising and falling motion in the
manner of a porpoise.)

I have been on Captain Dave’s catamaran during a similar dolphin stampede. It was a truly thrilling and fortunate experience to be surrounding be hundred of dolphins swimming at a high speed. If my heart could smile, it was certainly smiling that day. As you all know, I love to express my care and passion for the animal world with a song. After you’ve watched the dolphin stampede, please sing along with me to my dolphin song video, “Clickety-Clack”.

Porpoising like a dolphin in my imagination,


Watch “Why We Need Bees” and sing along to “The Flowers Have Gone Wild!”

Dear Friends,

There’s a bee in my strawberry!  There’s a bee in my strawberry! How exciting!

Ok, a bee is not really IN my strawberry; but a bee worked very hard pollinating the flowers of a strawberry plant in order to help make this delicious fruit. So as I eat this strawberry, I think about bees and I feel very connected to them.

For the love of bees, I’d like to share this video by Earth Rangers.  It teaches  about the importance of bees and explains how and why they pollinate. This video also suggests ways in which we can help protect this buzzing insect. Take a few minutes to watch it and you, too, might think about bees the next time you eat a  fruit or vegetable you love 🙂



P.S.  If all this talk about bees makes you want to sing :), please check our our music video “The Flowers have Gone Wild!”.  It features my song about all kinds of pollinators and their special relationship with wildflowers.

Watch “THE FLOWERS HAVE GONE WILD!” – a kids song video about wildflowers and their pollinators

Greetings my dear fans and friends!

I’ve been taking photos and videos of wildflowers and pollinators since I first wrote the song, “The Flowers Have Gone Wild” several springs ago.  I’m very excited to share the best of them with you in this 3 minute music video featuring “The Flowers Have Gone Wild” from our CD EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED and Other Animal Songs for Kids. You will watch bees, beetles, ants, bird pollinators in this video, as well as many kinds of beautiful wildflowers from the western United States. Each framed flower and splash of color reminds me of how much I love writing these songs and how much I love singing them with you. I hope you enjoy this video. Please share it with your family and friends.
May these flowers fill your hearts with the colors and sounds of the outdoor world!

With lots of love,




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