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Animal Songs

Watch our Worldwide Sing-Along to “Viva la Vaquita”

Dear Friends,
We did it!  With your help, we 
co-created this worldwide sing-along to our song, “Viva la Vaquita” and raised money for efforts to save the endangered vaquita porpoise. 
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Join Birdsong at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, CA on Aug. 19

Join award-winning children’s musical artist
Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders
at the Ocean Institute!  
Saturday, August 19 from 10:30 to 12:30 

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Watch a Humpback Whale calf do a penduncle throw | Sing Humpback Whale Song for Kids

Dear Whale-Loving Friends,

I had the pleasure of crewing on Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari today during this beautiful encounter with a Mother humpback whale and calf. Watch the calf do a peduncle throw! The creator of this video suggests that the calf was throwing a tantrum when it lifted the entire lower half of its body and tail out of the water and landed it right on top of mom. What do you think?
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Watch the video of our May 20 Concert “Celebrating Amazing Animals from Around the World”

Posted by Cheryl Procaccini on Saturday, May 20, 2017

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Another Successful Gray Whale Season! Let’s Sing about it!

Dear Friends,
It’s been a truly beautiful gray whale migration season here in Southern California and all along the Pacific Coast of the United States.
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Why do Gray Whale Mothers and Calves Swim so Close to Shore?

Mother Gray Whale and Calf – Photo courtesy of Guy Loucks

Dear Whale Lovers,

It’s a long migration from the gray whale breeding lagoons of Baja, Mexico to the cold seas of Alaska. So why do we often see mother gray whales and their babies taking time out to swim toward the shore and even stop to frolick in the surf? Here are the reasons that some whale experts have suggested:
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Watch a Gray Whale Mother and Calf on their Long Migration. Baby wants to play!

This gray whale mother is on a mission – to get her and her calf to their summer feeding grounds in the cold Arctic seas above Alaska.
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Rare Footage of a Blue Whale Feeding!

Dear Whale-Curious Friends,

It’s remarkable! The largest animal in the world feeds on one of the ocean’s smallest creatures.
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6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring with Birdsong!

It’s Spring and the Earth feels so fresh and new.
The flowers have gone wild, whales are migrating back to
their summer feeding grounds and baby animals are everywhere.

It time to celebrate!
Here are 6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring
with Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders:


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