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Lyrics for “Viva la Vaquita” – a song about the endangered vaquita porpoise

Hello My Ocean-Loving Friends.

My producer Jim Coffey and I are now in the final stages of producing “Viva la Vaquita”, my new kids’ song about the most endangered ocean mammal in the world. Here are the lyrics.You can watch my music video featuring this song on a previous blog post and today I’ve posted the lyrics so that you can sing along. Music is powerful andI hope this song will bring attention to this tiny porpoise and it’s dire situation. Please share this song with your friends!


(Vaquita photo courtesy of


There is a porpoise called vaquita.
It is rare and hardly ever seen.
Living in the Gulf of California.
People call it panda of the sea.
Viva la Vaquita -Click here for Complete Lyrics