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Watch Humpback Whale thank its rescuers!

Learn more about humpback whales in our kids song, “Humpback Whale Song”, from our CD IF I WERE A FISH and Other Ocean Songs for Kids.

Hooded Orioles find a habitat in Birdsong’s backyard!

Hooded Oriole Male with mothHooded Oriole NestHooded Oriole Female 2

Hello my music fans and nature lovers!

I had the privilege of sharing my backyard with this Hooded Oriole family over the course of Spring and early Summer this year. Each morning I awoke to their songs, and through out the days I watched them display their catch of insects and berries, listened to at least two broods of babies chirping in the nest and caught glimpses of the fledglings after they left the safety of the place in which they were hatched. I even caught the adults starting their family as they mated in my backyard. I missed them when they left, and I hope they found my yard and palm trees worthy enough breeding grounds to return to next year!

Hooded Oriole Fledgling 2Watching these beautiful hooded orioles brought me so much joy each day and reminded me of why I wrote my kids song “Everything Is Connected”.

What birds have you seen in your backyard or your neighborhood?
What materials do your neighborhood birds use for making nests? (It looks like the hooded orioles used fibers from the  big palm trees in my yard to make their nest.) Hooded Oriole-male in treeWrite and tell me about what birds you’ve seen or heard. I love hearing from you!

Your singing friend,


Learn about wolves in our animal song video, “LEADERS OF THE PACK”.

Hello all you animal lover fans!
I’m excited to share my newest music video about wolves, featuring my song “Leaders of the Pack” from our CD EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED and Other Animal Songs for Kids, as well as some fun performance footage. I absolutely love singing this song, and it makes me smile to think of you singing and howling along. So take a break, watch this with your family and have a howling good time learning about wolves!

With love,

Watch our song video, “SO BIG! BLUE WHALE”- a tribute to the largest animal on the planet.


Dear Friends,
     I’m so excited to share my animal song video about the world’s BIGGEST animal, the blue whale.  “SO BIG! BLUE WHALE!” includes footage from my very fortunate sightings of blue whales off the coast of Southern California, U.S. This video also contains  concert highlights and song lyrics so that you can read or sing along. Help me pay musical tribute to the largest animal on the planet by watching and singing along to “So Big! Blue Whale!” from our with love CD IF I WERE A FISH and Other Ocean Songs for Kids”. 

With love,


Listen to my new butterfly song for kids. It’s called: “I Almost Kissed a Butterfly.”

Hello everyone.

I’ve written a new animal song called I Almost Kissed a Butterfly.  I started writing it after seeing a beautiful butterfly while I was taking a walk.  Most of my animal songs are about an animal I have met or an animal I find interesting.  I think that butterflies are beautiful creatures and whenever I see them I feel happy inside.  My feeling of happiness and my love for butterflies are what made me want to write a song about them.

 CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  to my new animal song for kids, “I Almost Kissed A Butterfly”  

If you have any ideas or fun facts about butterflies to add to the song, please send them to me at:

(UPDATE on 8-13-15: You can now find “I ALMOST KISSED A BUTTERFLY” on our Parents’ Choice®  Approved CD “EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED and Other Animal Songs for Kids” and in our butterfly song video.

Thank you for listening!



p.s  Here are the words, or “lyrics” to the chorus of “I Almost Kissed a Butterfly:”

It was a near miss but I almost kissed a butterfly.
It was a near miss but I almost kissed a butterfly.
It flew out of the sky above,
And I gave that butterfly some love.
It was a near miss but I almost kissed a butterfly.

A Message from Oxford the Octopus


Animal coloring pages,  a message from Oxford the Octopus below,  and a short song about keeping the ocean clean (at the very end).

Click here for  a printable “Thank you for Being Eco-Wonderful” Certificate and coloring page.

Click here for a different  printable “Thank you for Being Eco-Wonderful” certificate and coloring page.

Click here for a printable “Oxford the Octopus”–KEEP THE OCEAN CLEAN–Coloring and Activity page.



Dear Friends,

Did you know there is a section of the Pacific Ocean twice the size of the continental United States that is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? My friends at the Surfrider Foundation say that “100 million tons of plastic” swirl in that patch. There is so much plastic in the water that it outnumbers zooplankton by six to one! The bad news is that this plastic ends up in the stomachs of my friends, the marine birds and ocean animals. In fact, one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals around the world die each year due from swallowing or getting tangled in plastic.

Turtle with plastic bag. Photo: Melbourne Zoo  Learn more about why plastic is bad for sea turtles and other ocean animals by listening to our song "Keep the Ocean Clean" by Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders on our CD "IF I WERE A FISH and Other Ocean Songs for Kids.

Turtle with plastic bag. Photo: Melbourne Zoo

Plastic is made from petroleum and it lasts almost forever. Every piece of plastic ever made is still in existence. That’s why it’s so important to me that all people try to greatly reduce their use of plastics, especially plastics we use only once and throw away.  You can make a difference and help protect the ocean, beaches and my friends who live in the sea. Here are some things that you and your families can do:

1. Use reusable bottles for water and other drinks. (By using just one reusable bottle, you will keep 167 single-use plastic bottles from entering the environment.

2. Bring cloth or reusable bags to the grocery store to carry your things. (For each reusable bag you use, it will save approximately 400 plastics from being used).

3. Reuse or recycle the plastic bags you already have. (For every thirteen plastic bags you don’t use, you will save enough petroleum to drive a car one mile).

4. Learn more and share ideas with others on how to reduce plastic use.

5. Don’t litter. Ever. (But you knew that already)

Thank you for helping to keep the ocean clean.  After all, the ocean is my home.


Oxford the Octopus

p.s. To find out more about how to keep the ocean clean for all  ocean animals, listen to to the first two verses and chorus of our song “Keep the Ocean Clean”  from the CD “IF I WERE A FISH an Other Ocean Songs for Kids” by Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders. Just click on the words below:

Song Sample: “Keep the Ocean Clean” first two  verses and chorus from CD “IF I WERE A FISH and other Ocean Songs for Kids” by Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders. It has lots of suggestions about how to keep the ocean clean for ocean animals and for all of us.

YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE REST OF OUR OCEAN SONGS  by clicking on “Music/CDs”  at the top of this page.

Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders say hello to a gray whale.

In the this photo

Birdsong and Dr. Marcie say hello to a gray whale in San Ignacio lagoon, Baja Mexico. We kept singing our song

Birdsong and Dr. Marcie say hello to a gray whale. How lucky are we?

Birdsong and Dr. Marcie will never forget this moment when they were greeted by a gray whale in San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja Mexico during a trip with our friends from Baja Discovery.

This was a very special moment for us. We really wanted to see a whale so we kept singing our kids’ song “Migration” until a baby gray whale and its mother heard us and came right up to our boat. “Migration, Migration, my, my, my how far those gray whales go!” we sang. And that gray whale looked us right in the eyes!

“Migration” is one of the first songs recorded by Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders and is on our CD “IF I WERE A FISH and Other Ocean Songs for Kids.” When Birdsong first heard about these amazing whales and their long migration every year, she knew she wanted to write a kids’ song about the gray whale. Birdsong often sees the gray whales off the coast of southern California where she lives. They make the longest migration of any mammal alive! How lucky are we to have had the chance to be so close to a baby gray whale?  We hope he or she liked our song “Migration!”

Do you have any special memories of seeing a whale?

Welcome to the Blog of Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders, where kids, animals and music come together, one fun song at a time.

We are very excited about our blog.  Here we will post songs, videos, photos and interesting facts about some of our favorite animals. We’ll even post songs that we are still working on and ask for your comments or suggestions.

We’re really interested in hearing from you. You probably know some cool things about the animals we are singing about. Maybe you have a comment, drawing or photo to share.  Maybe you have an idea about what we can do to protect a particular animal or how we can help protect the Earth. Or maybe you just want to read, listen or watch. That’s cool too.

Our first video will include  photos and a song about the California Gray Whale. It’s called “MIGRATION.”  This whale is so amazing. It was close to extinction twice but, because of the Marine Mammal Protection Act, the gray whale is now protected and its population is growing. Stay tuned for our animal song video, “MIGRATION” in our next blog post.