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Birdsong’s Blog

Watch my Spider Song-in-Progress

Hello Dear Friends.

I’m really excited  to give you a sneak preview of my kids’ song about spiders. I started writing this song a few years ago because some fans requested it  … and I listen to my fans! 😉 I now see spiders and their webs everywhere; and I am fascinated by them. In fact, the very day I was creating this video, I found a spider in its newly-constructed web just outside my door. When I went to check on the spider a few hours later, it had caught a black soldier fly in its web and had already wrapped it up in silk. A day later, it had finished eating the fly.  I often have close encounters with the animal I am writing about, and I took this as a sign that it was time to share my song-in-progress with you.

    In this video, you will hear a rough version of my spider song. You will also see some spider photos and videos that I took while doing my research. If you listen closely, you may notice that I use quick, steady taps and strums on my guitar strings. I do this to represent how quickly and industriously the spider grips and weaves each strand of silk. I also chose a melody for the chorus that, for me, represents the beauty and awe I feel when I see a spider in the web it has created. It is no wonder that spiders have inspired artists and storytellers throughout the ages. They have certainly inspired me to write this song for them… and for you.

With love,

Watch our PINNIPED PARADE music video and learn about seals, sea lions and walruses.

 Hello my ocean-loving friends!

 “Come to the Pinniped Parade with me! There’ll be beautiful fin-footed friends to see!”  Learn about pinnipeds (seals, sea lions and walruses), their characteristics, behaviors and sounds in our fun, educational, sing-a-long video for kids, PINNIPED PARADE”.  This animal song video has real pinniped sounds, photos from NOAA and my song of the same name. I invite you to sing, bark, burp, growl and march along with us!  

“PINNIPED PARADE” is one of the songs on our CD IF I WERE A FISH and Other Ocean Songs for Kids and is one of my favorite animal songs  to dance to. ENJOY!

With lots of noisy ocean animal sounds,


Meet the oldest and youngest Orcas of the Southern Resident Community

Granny_James MayaNew Orca calf L 122 and momHello friends!

I’m excited to show you these photos of the oldest and youngest members of the Southern Resident Community of killer whales, aka Orcas. The top picture is a photo of Granny (J2), who is believed to be about 104 years old! The bottom photo is of young calf L122 and his/her mother.

These photos are two of a huge collection of orca pictures taken by my friend, Captain James Maya. You can find more of Captain Jim’s amazing photos on his Facebook page. Learn more about Granny and the entire Southern Resident Community of Orcas at The Whale Museum and when you watch my music video,ORCAS.

Sending a whale of a thank you to all who work to protect these beautiful creatures,


Watch “HERE WE GO” – our sea turtle song video for kids of all ages!

Hello friends!

Here we go, go, go! Wish us luck, luck, luck!” sing the newly-hatched sea turtles in this fun and educational sing-a-long video for kids of all ages. Watch it and you will learn about the amazing life of baby sea turtles, the kinds of food they like to eat and how they find their way to the ocean in the middle of the night. This video features my song “HERE WE GO” with beautiful photos of sea turtles as well as the song lyrics so that you can read and sing along with me.  Also, if you watch carefully, you will see me and Dr. Marcie singing “HERE WE GO” live with children in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye in Belize and in Orange County, California.

“HERE WE GO” is a favorite of our fans and is on our CD IF I WERE A FISH and other Ocean Songs for Kids. (A download of this song is my gift to you when join our email list!)

Here we go!


Dance to “WORM POOP SONG” – An Animal Song Video about worms and how they help plants grow

Dear Friends:
While the worms are hard at work in the ground, I have been singing “Worm Poop Song” to children, teachers, parents and grandparents wherever we go. This kids music video is a live performance of Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders singing “Worm Poop Song”. We asked some children in the audience to volunteer their dads to help us sing and dance to this song. In this video you will see the four volunteered dads wiggling like worms and singing along to the “worm poop” chorus. If worms could laugh I think they would find our tribute to them quite comical! The audience seemed delighted to watch these terrific dads dance, sing along, wiggle like a worm and sing “poop”. It took everyone just a few seconds to realize that it’s okay to say “poop”…and then off goes the whole audience singing with gusto: “POOP! POOP!” And how can we not sing it? Worm poop, also known as worm castings, is very important to our gardens and to the health of our plants and ecosystems.  (more…)

Read “The Kids’ Times” by NOAA and learn more about the blue whale!

Read “The Kids’ Times: Blue Whale”  by NOAA.


Like the blue whale as much as we do? Watch our music video,
“SO BIG! BLUE WHALE!”, and sing your heart out with us :)

Birdsong meets Killer Whales! Watch our new kids video featuring our song, “ORCAS”.

Dear Whale and Dolphin Lovers,
Hurray!  I met the Orcas (aka killer whales)!  In a recent trip to the
U.S. San Juan Islands, Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders had the privilege
of encountering the Southern Resident Orcas that are featured in my song “ORCAS” from our CD EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED and Other
Animal Songs for Kids
 Imagine my delight when we sighted “Doublestuf” (JPod-34), an orca who is named in my song! We also met local educators, captains and researchers who are advocates of these beautiful and intelligent creatures and inspired us with their stories and dedication. They encouraged us to 
sign a petition to help save these orcas.
     Needless to say, I feel more connected than ever to these animals; and I now have a new music video to share with you. This video weaves together my orca song with beautiful photos taken by my new friend, Captain James Maya, by NOAA and by me. Lyrics are included in the video, so watch and sing along with me with me as we celebrate the
Orcas of the Salish Sea.
With love,


Watch Humpback Whale thank its rescuers!

Learn more about humpback whales in our kids song, “Humpback Whale Song”, from our CD IF I WERE A FISH and Other Ocean Songs for Kids.

Hooded Orioles find a habitat in Birdsong’s backyard!

Hooded Oriole Male with mothHooded Oriole NestHooded Oriole Female 2

Hello my music fans and nature lovers!

I had the privilege of sharing my backyard with this Hooded Oriole family over the course of Spring and early Summer this year. Each morning I awoke to their songs, and through out the days I watched them display their catch of insects and berries, listened to at least two broods of babies chirping in the nest and caught glimpses of the fledglings after they left the safety of the place in which they were hatched. I even caught the adults starting their family as they mated in my backyard. I missed them when they left, and I hope they found my yard and palm trees worthy enough breeding grounds to return to next year!


Learn about wolves in our animal song video, “LEADERS OF THE PACK”.

Hello all you animal lover fans!
I’m excited to share my newest music video about wolves, featuring my song “Leaders of the Pack” from our CD EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED and Other Animal Songs for Kids, as well as some fun performance footage. I absolutely love singing this song, and it makes me smile to think of you singing and howling along. So take a break, watch this with your family and have a howling good time learning about wolves!

With love,