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About Us


Known as the “Singing Naturalist”, Birdsong is a multiple-award-winning songwriter and recording artist who is passionate about Nature, kids and restoring the earth for future generations. Her music is featured in the Emmy award-winning film Tidepool Scene and is a recipient of the coveted Parents’ Choice® Award in children’s media. You can hear her lively and educational songs on Pandora Radio and view her music videos on YouTube and the Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders website.

Educated with a Bachelor’s degree in special education and a Master’s degree in social work, Birdsong created the musical brand Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders in 2005 in order to inspire young learners about the beauty of birdsong-with-guitarthe natural world and the important stewardship role that children have in caring for Mother Earth. Her songs are now heard by tens of thousands of children worldwide, and are included by teachers in their curriculum in places as far reaching as Gabon, Africa; the Red Sea in Egypt; Brazil; Central America; the United Kingdom; Asia and throughout the United States.

A committed social entrepreneur, Birdsong’s CDs and merchandise are used to continue the mission of inspiring earth stewardship through the power of music by creating, recording and distributing environmental edutainment for young children. Her efforts have been acknowledged in her home town where she has been awarded the Environmental Business Award.

Birdsong currently resides in Southern California with her family and her feathered parrot friends Bernie and Kyeeka. You can find her music on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and

Birdsong has a wonderful connection with children! At every visit, I would hear the their excitement, hoping she would play their favorite song. She explains the information in basic and simple terms, which helps the boys and girls grasp the main concept. I must admit, I myself, look forward to Birdsong’s visits! She adds quality and joy to each and every topic.
— Mirna Faysal, Montessori Lead Teacher (ages 2.5 – 6)

Dr. Marcie

dr-marcieDr. Marcie is a co-writer, associate producer and beloved performer of Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders. Often found with an animal puppet in hand, her lively and interactive performance style inspires the participation of audience members of all ages, facilitating a wonderful blend of entertainment and whole brain learning.

Educated with a Masters Degree in psychology and a Doctorate Degree in Family Therapy, Dr. Marcie brings her expertise, limitless imagination and deep respect for Nature to the mission of Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders. From her “worm poop dance” to the passionate voice of the “Little Pocket Mouse,” Dr. Marcie’s fun-filled energy inspires the entire family to be “Eco-Wonder Heroes” and inquisitive stewards of our planet.

About the Musicians

Some very talented musicians and recording engineers have made these songs come alive with great rhythm, harmonies and beautiful instrumental arrangements. I couldn’t have done it without them. My very special thanks go to:

james-georgean-coffeyJames Coffey, our award-winning producer
Georgean-Johnson Coffey, associate producer
Blue Vision Music

omega-music-productionsRandy Rusk and Art Brueggeman
Omega Music Productions

Riz Story
Togetherment Film and Music

Richard Bredice, Ryan David, Carolyn Miller, Beth Fitchet Wood, Sue Bredice,
Dan Yablonka, Richard Stekol, Christo Pellani and John Heussenstamm.